The following books were written in support of teaching graduate courses at Virginia Commonwealth University. Each of these texts are provided under an open source license, you are free to download and use them as you see fit. You may also produce derivative works based upon these texts, as long as you do not impose a more restrictive license and acknowledge original authorship.

Landscape Genetic Data Analysis.

This text is used in a one-week Applied Landscape Genetics workshop I give through PR Statistics.

You can read it online or visit its Github repository to grab the source.


Applied Population Genetics.

This text forms the basis of my population genetics course at Virginia Commonwealth University. This text is provded online, as an html book with dynamical input and output and available as an open source textbook.

You can read it online or visit its Github repository to grab the source.

Quantitative Tools

This text was written in support of two R libraries, the gstudio and popgraph libraries for the analysis of spatial genetic structure.

This is provided as an iBook on the Apple Bookstore here and is released under an open source license.

Biological Data Analysis Using R.

This text was written as a textbook for incoming graduate students in Biology, to introduce them to the use of R for general analyses and statistical inferences. It is provided under a creative commons license.

You can download it here.