New Package – dlab

I just uploaded a new plugin for RStudio called dlab.  I’ll be migrating over all the little helper functions I use to this as a general require() on startup.  What it has now is an AddIn that allows you to select text and have it wrapped in the r-code markup.  I’m moving stuff between ePub and Markdown and it was needed.

You can install it as:

then look at the AddIns menu for wrapCode.

Congratulations Chitra!

Congratulations to Chitra Seshadri for defending her Masters Thesis entitled, “Genome wide analysis of epigenetic adaptive variance in Araptus attenuatus, the Sonoran Desert bark beetle.” You are #13 graduate student from the Dyer Laboratory (lucky right?).



The program STRUCTURE is an ubiquitous feature of many population genetic studies these days—if it is appropriate is another question. Today, while covering model based clustering in population genetics, we ran into a problem where STRUCTURE was unable to run and the OS said it was Corrupted and should be thrown away.  Jump below for our fix, it really is an easy one.

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