New Semester!

This semester has a ton of new content and opportunities in the Dyerlab. Here is a quick synopsis.

  • Teaching Population Genetics, should be a ton of fun.
  • Teaching the Distributed graduate seminar Landscape Genetics again.
  • Starting a new eDNA project with VDOT and getting a new student associated with it.
  • Starting a new RadSEQ project on Protonotary Warblers and getting a new student to start in the fall.
  • Starting a new Landscape Genetics NSF-funded project on gypsy moths with the Johnson Lab.  Need a technician for this one as well.
  • The text Applied Population Genetics should be released as an ebook.
  • Should be finishing up both Jameson’s and Chitra’s theses and submitting them for publication.
  • Moving into a new laboratory location and perhaps collapsing both our lab and the Verrelli lab into a single unit.