OK, so there is a bit of a circular firing squad going on in some of my R installs with ggplot2.  Apparently, you can get various CRAN/Github versions out of sync and a whole host of different.  Here is how it started:

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R Post of the Day

Fancy pie chart (thanks, yihui, you are a genius):

New Job

New Job

I have accepted and begun working as the Director of the Center for Environmental Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University.  The Center is a chartered research center whose mission is to…  Well, do whatever I think it will do to produce the best research and educational opportunities for our undergraduate and graduate students.  We train applied scientists.

The Center has about 10 FTE faculty, a lot of which are shared among groups (e.g., half biology/half CES, half business/half CES, etc.) and several quality adjunct instructors.  We have about 250 undergraduates, 40 Masters-level graduate students in the program, and several individuals with Ph.D. students in the Integrative Life Sciences program.